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Goddess Gemini Dual Ended Pure Kolinksy Acrylic Brush

Goddess Gemini Dual Ended Pure Kolinksy Acrylic Brush

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Goddess Gemini Dual Ended Pure Kolinsky Acrylic Brush

Dual Ended Size 10 Acrylic Brush on one end and size 2 brush for 3d work on the other.

It is important to correctly prep your brush before use. 


How to Prep Your Brush

Your brush contains a gum/glue like substance which helps shape the brush and hold it in place. This must be removed fully before first use.

To break the seal, gently press one side of your brush on couch roll/tissue paper, turn the brush and repeat on the other side. Continue doing this for several minutes. You should see small particles of glue breaking away from the brush.

Then take the brush between your thumb and your forefinger and gently work the glue out from the centre of the brush, you will see the particles of glue break away.

Once all the glue is removed you can submerse your brush in acrylic monomer and tease back into shape. All of the glue like substance must be removed before the brush is submersed in acrylic monomer. 

To get the most out of your brush, only clean in Acrylic MonomerDO NOT USE ACETONE.

Always submerse your brush in clean monomer and tease back into shape and replace the lid when you are not using your brush.

It is best to store dual ended brushes flat. OR with the larger size 10 End Brush pointing downwards.

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