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Nirvana Nail and Beauty Supplies

Mythology: Dharma Daze (BM-XL405) -

Mythology: Dharma Daze (BM-XL405) -

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Our Dharma Daze (BM-XL405) nail stamping plate offers a multitude of gorgeous hand-drawn designs inspired by India’s graceful and exhilarating art, culture, and stories. Bold, flowing lines and fine, elaborate details accentuate the beauty and power of India’s powerful divinity. Adorn your nails with a variety of floral, henna, lotus, and temple-inspired patterns. This XL (4.25in x 2.4in) plate features a ton of beautiful accent and buffet style designs to stimulate your creativity. Mix and match with your favorite colors for infinite nail art possibilities. As with all our nail stamping plates, we use laser-engraved stainless steel, so you'll receive the highest quality and most intricate results

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