Layaway Plans - Pay in Installments

Have you been trying to save for what seems like forever for a new e-file or nail lamp. Why not chose Lay Away and pay by installments. Flexible payment options available.

Just make your initial payment and we will do the rest for you. Payments will be taken weekly or monthly (depending on which plan you have chosen), on the same day you took out the plan. Once all payments are completed your order will be shipped. No credit checks neccessary.

All payment plans are arranged through Paywhirl, there is a 10% overall charge for this service, which is added to your first payment.

Please note orders will be shipped once the final payment has been received. All orders are subject to stock availability.

If you would prefer not to wait credit options are available at checkout. Just fill your basket and change the payment method to Klarna Payments. All orders placed through Klarna Payments are subject to a credit check.