Rose Soak Off Liquid Builder Gel

Rose Soak Off Liquid Builder Gel

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Goddess Rose Soak Off Liquid Builder Gel 

Professional Soak Off Builder Gel is a self levelling Builder Gel In a gel polish bottle for easy application. Suitable for an overlay on the natural nail or for extending the nail. 


Application Instructions

  • Sanitize your clients hands
  • Push back the cuticles 
  • Etch the nails with an 150 grit nail file
  • Brush Off dust with a firm brush
  • Cleanse the nail with pure Acetone 
  • Apply a thin coat of Goddess Titan Base Coat and Cure for 30 seconds under led light 
  • Brush on a thin layer of your chosen Goddess Liquid Builder Gel and Cure for 1 minute under led light
  • Apply a second thicker layer of Goddess