Goddess Henna Brows 1/2 day Accredited Course

Goddess Henna Brows 1/2 day Accredited Course

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Our tutors deliver this accredited 1/2 day training course in Henna Brows. 

Course Tutor: Ashley Cahoon

Course Location: Carrickfergus, County Antrim

Course Dates: 1/2

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Pre-requisites - Tinting

Course Content:

 Introduction, What is Henna, Laws and Legislations, Professional Conduct, General Hygiene, Anatomy and Physiology, The Functions of the Skin, Hair Growth and Cycle, Consultation Procedure, Contra Indications to Treatment, History of Henna and Patch Testing, Henna Eyebrow Technique, Henna Aftercare Advice


There will be a short written assessment at the end of the class as well as a practical assessment based on your application of the techniques demonstrated.