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Chrome Pigment - Red Love

Chrome Pigment - Red Love

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Sparklies Chrome Pigment - Red Love

Mirror chrome nails available in different colours. Try over different colours for different effects. 

0.5g pot


Step 1
Apply 2 coats of your desired gel polish colour, the result may vary depending on the colour of gel polish used. It is best to use black or dark colours with this pigment and cure it.

Step 2
Use a high gloss non wipe top coat and cure. 

Step 3
Dab the Chrome Pigment IMMEDIATELY with the pigment applicator on the non wipe top coat.  Use only a little powder - the top coat must not cool down!

Step 4
Rub the Chrome Pigment firmly with the pigment applicator onto the sealer to create the aurora effect.

Step 5

Using a dust brush, remove any residue from the nail. 

Step 6
Apply top coat and cure


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